The BarwisMethodsTM Tower

Why are you still using chains in the weight room?

The problem is that most of those ways were archaic and labor intensive (strip weights, chains, bands, multiple person spotting, etc.) With the BarwisMethodsTM Tower you can now precisely measure both ends of a repetition - providing a pre-determined eccentric overload on one end of the rep while getting a measured amount of lift assistance from the BarwisMethodsTM Tower! This ability allows for the creation of more new muscle fiber and thus greater muscle recruitment – in less time vs. traditional strength training methods. The need for additional training manpower and/or additional equipment is now a thing of the past.

For years coaches have struggled getting their athletes ready for the season, are frustrated because their athletes get weaker during as the season wears on and dread losing a key performer to injury.

Which one happened to you lately? The BarwisMethodsTM Tower is the solution.

Why does it work?

As an athlete is performing an exercise the BarwisMethodsTM Tower he or she will choose a weight for the eccentric movement (NOT THE CONCENTRIC) and will also choose an amount of desired assistance from the BarwisMethodsTM Tower. During the exercise the BarwisMethodsTM Tower will remove weight from the concentric phase of the repetition thus making the eccentric movement heavier relative to the concentric.


MaxOut utilizes the principals of Wolff's Law


BarwisMethodsTM Tower uses the latest technology and programming to deliver a one of a kind experience for the client. The precision by which the work out parameters can be set allows the strength coach to choose the optimal point at which to deliver the eccentric overload or to off-load weight during the concentric phase. This allows the coach to prescribe the stroke length of an exercise. This is valuable al all times but especially when being used in conjunction with a rehabilitation protocol. BarwisMethodsTM Tower also has the ability to store the stroke length for up to four athletes at a time thus allowing more players to train in a shorter amount of time.


BarwisMethodsTM Tower is designed to enhance the performance of standard commercially available strength training equipment. The BarwisMethodsTM Tower attaches as an after-market kit with NO DRILLING of any holes in the primary piece of equipment. BarwisMethodsTM Tower uses a clamping system that is custom designed to the equipment it is to be attached to. Simply provide us with the manufacturer and the model number and we take it from there. Installation is simple and takes only minutes and can be accomplished with a pair of wrenches and an extra set of hands.


The BarwisMethodsTM Tower comes standard with a 360 degree swiveling pulley. This innovation allows BarwisMethodsTM Tower to be in numerous positions or angles to the primary equipment. We set the pulley in an optimal position, on the top and in the middle. Sometimes due to space constraints or the configuration of the primary equipment the BarwisMethodsTM Tower will need to be offset in one direction or another. The Omni Directional Pulley allows for that situation and still an easy installation.


In order to get the optimal results from the BarwisMethodsTM Tower a fine adjustment is required. It is essential for peak performance that the athlete stays within the working range of the BarwisMethodsTM Tower. For certain exercises the distance from the eyelet on the end of the cable and the connecting ring on the barbell needs to be lengthened. The easiest way to accomplish this is by incorporating a chain (provided) and choosing the correct link in the chain for the athlete's physical attributes. By doing this the BarwisMethodsTM Tower can be tailored to any athlete.


All cables used in the BarwisMethodsTM Tower are Professional Grade. The cables are cut to the specified length in the factory. All of the cable ends are finished with a particular use in mind and specific to the functionality of the BarwisMethodsTM Tower. The wear and abrasion resistant nylon outer coating prevents the inner steel wires from breaking causing down time and repairs.

More Specs

  • The BarwisMethodsTM Tower provides up to 220 lbs of counterweight force in 10lb increments
  • Uses simple push-button operation
  • Can store user data for up to 4 athletes simultaneously
  • Connects easily to any commercially available free weight power rack systems
  • Can be adapted to fit selectorized weight training equipment
  • Utilizes 1/8 in. nylon coated aircraft cable internally and for connecting to desired equipment
  • Employs the use of a ¾ hp industrial grade electric motor
  • Operates using 110v circuit
  • Omni directional top mounted pulley allows 360 degree swivel for easy connection desired equipment
  • Custom painting is available to match school or team colors
  • Custom Logos and graphics are available to match team mascots
  • Side panels are made from industrial grade PVC and can be are available in various colors to match school or team colors
  • Computer logic program designed to operate based on the physical attributes of the user
  • Set-up and training available
  • User guide
  • Instructional CD
  • Customer Service 7a-7p Monday Thru Friday, EST
  • Height: 72" / Height w Pulley: 78" / Width: 14" Depth: 16"
  • Weight: 490 pounds (approximate)

    The BarwisMethodsTM Tower can be customized to match your school or team colors. A wide variety of colors are available for the steel frames and the composite panels on each tower. School/Team logos and mascots can be applied in various places. Other panel materials are available including diamond plate, brushed steel and aluminum.

    For more information about custom BarwisMethodsTM Tower or for information about how to integrate the BarwisMethodsTM Tower into your existing program, please click here and a representative will contact you directly.

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