The medical and scientific community have been studying the effects of eccentric exercises, as it relates to injury rehabilitation, for decades. Overwhelmingly, it has been shown that implementing eccentric loading into a rehabilitation program drastically increases the speed of recovery as well as the overall strength of the rehabilitated injured area.

Wolff's Law is the scientific principle that we use as the basis for all that we do at MaxOut Strength Systems – whether that be training elite athletes or rehabilitating injured American Hero's. The BarwisMethodsTM Tower has been utilized in injury rehabilitation countless times over the past decade with unprecedented results.

The ability to precisely load the injured area with the appropriate amount of weight on the eccentric movement while providing measured and precise amounts of lifting assistance via the BarwisMethodsTM Tower is what continues to make us the leader in making the body stronger in less time.


Injured muscles and connective tissue (ligaments and tendons) are the most common injuries in sports and in military life. An athlete sitting on the sidelines injured – whether that athlete is in high school, college or a pro – is unfortunately unable to perform and help their team win. A service member who is injured and unable to train for combat and/or be deployed with their unit is unfortunately not able to help their unit accomplish the mission.

Properly implementing the BarwisMethodsTM Tower into your injury rehabilitation protocols will drastically improve the timeline on when you are once again able to deploy that service member to accomplish their mission or use that athlete to contribute to their team's success. When properly utilized in your rehabilitation protocols, the BarwisMethodsTM Tower will allow you to quickly build and recruit new muscle fibers within the injured muscle(s), regenerate in affected areas where Tendinopathy is present and create structural integrity to injured joints (ligament or cartilage damage).


We understand that you have already spent considerable amounts of resources to outfit your location with the best commercially manufactured equipment possible. The BarwisMethodsTM Tower is easily connected to your existing strength training/rehabilitation equipment. The warranty and structural integrity of the existing equipment will not be compromised.

It is designed to complement any commercially manufactured piece of strength training/rehabilitation equipment: pin/rack or free weight static machines. It can be assembled easily with no drilling into your existing equipment, and is sold with an instructional video to ensure correct set up and use. All you need is space and 110 amp service.



Each BarwisMethodsTM Tower's frame and composite panels can be customized to your desired color, designs, symbols, or logos. MaxOut Strength Systems can provide custom casing for your professional team. Other panel materials are available including, diamond plate, brushed steel and aluminum.


Our pledge is to manufacture a piece of equipment that stands up to any environment. That is why at MaxOut Strength Systems we have ruggedized solutions that allow our technology to continue to perform no matter how roughly it is treated.


MaxOut Strength Systems, in partnership with MaxOut Strength Studios, offers rehabilitative protocols that can be used in conjunction with your existing annual programming or as a replacement. We are acutely aware of the expertise that every professional Physical Therapist or Rehabilitation Specialist possesses – our goal is to be a resource and a tool for you to use to help make your rehabilitation program the very best it can be.

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