As a company with its roots in training high school athletes, we are committed to providing the most scientifically advanced technology to help the high school athlete reach their peak athletic performance as well as ensuring their long-term muscular-skeletal health. Utilizing scientific law (Wolff's Law), we have created a device and methodology that allows for maximal weight loads to be placed on the body in the most efficient programming available today.

The human body is capable of lowering (eccentric movement) 20-40% more weight than it can lift (concentric movement). Achieving a maximal load during strength training will ultimately allow for greater recruitment of new and stronger muscle fibers that are now more prepared for the rigors of daily high school athletics life.

For the first time, with one easily attachable piece of equipment, the user can achieve maximum force production from their body with significantly less time spent in the gym.


Use of The BarwisMethodsTM Tower along with accompanying training suggestions will reduce the time spent strength training, with unparalleled results. We understand that kids (and their parents) are pressed for time – juggling school, practice, homework and family commitments. Finding time to get it all done is sometimes an insurmountable challenge.

We are 100% committed to reducing the amount of time a high school athlete needs to spend in the weight room, while increasing their athletic performance, so that they can spend the necessary time required to be successful in all areas of their lives. With the BarwisMethodsTM Tower, every high school athlete can achieve maximal strength and power, in less time, than ever before.

By minimizing the repetitions on the body during training, while also achieving once unattainable strength and power gains, wear and tear on the joints and connective tissue will be significantly reduced – a root cause of most major joint and connective tissue injuries. Some of the most common injuries to joints like the ankle, shoulder, and knee can be drastically reduced with proper use of the BarwisMethodsTM Tower and associated training methods.

Most importantly, by maximizing the results and effectiveness of strength training - you are better able to meet the demanding challenges off and on the field, reducing injury risk and increasing your chance for timely and successful execution of physically demanding tasks.


We understand that you have already spent considerable amounts of resources to outfit your training room with commercially manufactured equipment. The BarwisMethodsTM Tower is easily connected to your existing strength training equipment.

The warranty and structural integrity of the existing equipment will not be compromised. It is designed to complement any commercially manufactured piece of strength training equipment: squat rack, power rack, or pin/rack style equipment.

It can be assembled easily with no drilling into your existing equipment, and is sold with an instructional video to ensure correct set up and use. All you need is space and 110 amp service. This revolutionary technology allows for maximum performance of your strength training equipment.



Each BarwisMethodsTM Tower's frame and composite panels can be customized to your desired color, designs, symbols, or logos. MaxOut Strength Systems™ can provide custom casing for your high school. Other panel materials are available including, diamond plate, brushed steel and aluminum.


We are aware of the fact that kids do not always treat high-tech equipment like it should be treated. That is why at MaxOut Strength Systems™ we have ruggedized solutions that allow our technology to continue to perform no matter how rough it is treated.


MaxOut Strength Systems, in partnership with MaxOut Strength Studios, also provides workout programs to help ensure you are getting the best results from your BarwisMethodsTM Tower. To best use the technology to meet your goals we have prepared work out programs to help get the most out of your work out. Our professional instructors provide guidance suitable for a wide range of fitness capabilities and experience.

Our BarwisMethodsTM Tower helps to improve:
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Rehabilitation
  • Capacity
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