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MaxOut Strength Systems, LLC owns and manufactures the BarwisMethodsTM Tower which is a unique eccentric strength training device that attaches to any commercially manufactured piece of strength training equipment. Our technology provides lift assistance to the user which then allows them to overload the body during the eccentric phase while receiving a prescribed amount of lift assistance on every single repetition.

The Tower technology was created at the University of Florida in the early 1990's and remained under their control until 2007. It was used primarily as a research tool designed to determine the effects of eccentric strength training as it pertained to injury rehabilitation. In 2007, the technology was released by the University of Florida to a group of investors who decided to turn the technology into a fitness business – MaxOut Fitness, one that provided strength training in only one hour per week. While the results were astounding, the business faltered. In 2010, Jason Griggs and Matt Cubbler purchased the company and moved everything to their hometown of Royersford, Pennsylvania.

Jason and Matt reestablished the MaxOut Strength Studio brand while continuing to find ways to improve the technology as well as the methodology that was used in conjunction with The BarwisMethodsTM Tower .


Over the next 5 years, they began making major improvements to the design, function and logic found within BarwisMethodsTM Tower. They continue to find new and better ways to deliver to their customers the best technology that science has to offer.

In 2011, they were fortunate enough to meet Mike Barwis, founder of Barwis MethodsTM, who was and is a world renowned strength and conditioning expert. At the time, Mike was the Director of Strength and Conditioning at the University of Michigan. Seeing an opportunity to advance the functionality of the BarwisMethodsTM Tower, Mike authored the programming for it. He also began using the , BarwisMethodsTM Tower into his strength training program at the University of Michigan and at Barwis Methods in Plymouth, MI. In the last 5 years his athletes achieved record strength gains.

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Today, MaxOut Strength Systems sells The BarwisMethodsTM Tower to the MaxOut Strength Studios franchise system, Government and Military installations, as well as High School, Collegiate and Professional strength training programs. Our goal is to positively impact and change the lives of every person who uses our technology. The strength increases, performance increases and muscular-skeletal health benefits that each person receives after using our technology is our motivation. Our promise is to always deliver and to never waiver from our commitment to our client's needs.

Jason Griggs - President and CEO

Jason has been with MaxOut Strength Studio and MaxOut Strength Systems since the company started in 2009. He immediately recognized the unique qualities of the MaxOut technology for exactly what it is, a revolutionary strength development device. Jason's first role with MaxOut was that of designer. He was instrumental in reconfiguring the Barwis Methods Tower into its current form and assembling the latest generation of Towers now deployed in the marketplace.

In 2012 Jason was named President and CEO of MaxOut Strength Systems, LLC and began to take the company in a new direction.

Jason has quickly helped move the company into equipment sales direct to Colleges and Universities as well as elite athlete training centers. With his hands-on knowledge of the Barwis Methods Tower, Jason was the obvious choice to lead the company.

Jason's background is in construction and land development and since 1998, he has successfully built or developed over 180,000 SF of retail and office space, 20 acres of industrial land, owned college housing and built 21 Single Family homes. He has a long-standing relationship with Kiddie Academy, a national daycare franchisor, as their Southeastern Pennsylvania preferred developer. Jason has successfully built and continues to own 5 Kiddie Academy properties and he continues to assist Kiddie Academy in their growth plans in "SEPA" as a consultant and developer.

Jason has served on various committees and boards in his hometown both civic and political. Today he serves as a mission trip leader for his church, and as a Trustee for his alma mater, Wilkes University.

Matt Cubbler - Vice-President and COO

Matt is one of the founding partners of MaxOut Strength Systems, LLC. Matt has had a very diversified and unique career - over 25 years of military/law enforcement experience. Matt spent four years as an intelligence analyst in the United States Army and did a tour in the Middle East during Operation Desert Shield/Storm. After completing his enlistment, Matt became a full-time police officer in suburban Philadelphia.

For the next 9 years, Matt worked the streets and also served as a member of the area SWAT team – acting as an assistant team leader, SWAT instructor and firearms instructor. Matt took a 4 plus year hiatus from local law enforcement shortly after "9/11" and made the choice to use his unique skillset as a member of the newly formed United States Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS). During his FAMS service, Matt flew over 4,000 missions all across the globe – protecting U.S.commercial airliners from terrorism.

In June of 2006, Matt returned to local law enforcement and resumed patrolling the streets and training SWAT officers in tactics and firearms. Matt is also an expert in the Israeli self-defense system known as Krav Maga and spends his free time training and teaching others.

As the COO, Matt's responsibility lies in "getting the mission accomplished" - no matter what is required and no matter what the mission entails. Matt's background and his understanding of what it takes to be mentally and physically prepared to defeat the enemy, makes him the perfect man for the job. Matt is also responsible for maintaining our company's integrity in ensuring that we are producing a quality product, serving our customers' individual needs and that each and every piece of equipment that leaves our shop is helping to make the human body stronger than our customer's ever imagined.

Matt is married to his beautiful bride, Lauren and they have two amazing children – Rebecca and Andrew. They reside in Limerick, PA with their dog, Walter.

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