A Warrior is defined by the courage, aggressiveness and vigor that he or she may possess. MaxOut Strength Systems was created to help every Warrior - no matter where their battle lies - create the power and strength required to win their individual and collective battles.

The BarwisMethodsTM Tower

MaxOut Strength Systems, home of the revolutionary BarwisMethodsTM Tower, is a science based technology development company that designs and manufactures strength training solutions for high school, collegiate and professional sports teams as well as for the United States government and military personnel. The BarwisMethodsTM Tower is a counter-weight mechanical device that, when attached to any traditional piece of strength training equipment, a precise eccentric load can be delivered to the targeted muscle. When properly deployed, unprecedented strength, power, stamina and muscular endurance will be achieved – with less wear and tear on the joints and connective tissue – which means an increase in performance and a reduction in the risk of injury.

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Maxout Strength Systems, LLC is proud to offer, the BarwisMethodsTM Tower, the most revolutionary and irreplaceable piece of weight room equipment ever, Period. For years, people in this industry have been struggling to find creative ways to safely and precisely incorporate eccentric overloading protocols into their annual strength training cycle, without success. BarwisMethodsTM Tower is the solution.


The BarwisMethodsTM Tower is our 100% customizable strength training equipment will allow you to have the confidence that your athlete or warrior is receiving the very best strength and power results that you expect from MaxOut Strength Systems.
The BarwisMethodsTM Tower, is the only thing on the market in the history of strength and conditioning that allows us to truly accommodate a maximal load in both the eccentric and concentric motions of a single repetition with pure accuracy, to the percentage that we need that is most desirable, in order to accommodate the greatest recruitment, so that we can have the most effective strength and force production as an end result. It is truly irreplaceable. There is nothing else that has ever done it and in my opinion, I don't think there is anything else that ever will.
- Mike Barwis

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